Custom labels

We’re not called Bespoke for nothing - we can supply our brews in bottles labelled with your own custom design, whether that’s a personal one-off for a special gift, or hundreds of bottles to show off your brand at your next corporate function. We can also supply glassware, custom bar mats and runners, or bespoke bottle boxes, ideal for gift presentation.


Your own label on a few bottles of our beer makes for a unique gift for a special individual, but in larger quantities, can also be a great commemorative touch at a wedding reception or other party, for example. You don’t need any design skills, as we will take care of that for you; see below for details of the few things we need from you to get started.


Having your very own designed beer from an award-winning brewery can set you apart from other businesses. We have experience in creating bespoke labels for a variety of situations, such as hotel branded beers, limited edition festival ales, corporate hospitality and weddings. You can either supply your own artwork to our specifications if you want total control, or just the basic elements with an outline of your requirements if you want us to put it together for you.

What we need from you

In the first instance, drop us an email to with a short message that gives us an idea of what you want in terms of quantity, preferred label shape (see below), and what you have in mind about how your label will look - this might be as simple as what colours you would like and a photo to include, or even a complete design you have produced yourself.

Illustration of label shape called Badge shape
Illustration of label shape called Straight edge

We will work out all the details with you, such as which beer(s)* you would like in your bottles, give you a quote and delivery estimate, and put together a proof for your approval. Once you’re happy, just make your payment and we will get on with producing your customised bottles.

* Choose from Into The Light, Beware The Bear, Going Off Half-Cocked, and Money For Old Rope. See Our Brews for details.


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